New Year wishes for health, wealth and happiness are winging your way.  DDC Orlando watches the new horizons of 2018 unfold.  Although financial wealth and good fortune are the traditional New Year wishes, our wish goes deeper than the gold we hope you have in your pocket.  In the words of Neil Gaiman:

New choices and decisions in the New Year.

2018 Brings New Choices and New Challenges.

“May your coming New Year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness…”

1.   A Wish for your Mind…

Like Neil Gaiman, we DDC Orlando hope “you read some fine books,”  which is to say we hope you have time in 2018 to enrich your mind, no matter what media you choose.

2.   A Wish for your Heart…

Naturally, we include the gold of affection in our wish for you.  And we add Gaiman’s words.  He says, we hope you “kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful…”  Thus we hope a significant other, a grandchild or a good friend brings you a sweet New Year kiss.

3.   A Wish for your Spirit…

Gaiman adds a bit of advice to his New Year wish and we realized it has an important place in every life.

He says, for the New Year, “… don’t forget to make some art  –write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.”  And the doctors and staff of DDC Orlando realize that there is a special art or talent in every heart.  So part of the gold of this wish is to make some time to be creative in the New Year 2018.  Cooking, traveling, fishing, conversing, walking in your neighborhood can actually be part of the art of your heart.  Take the time to spend this rare gold.

In the New Year, We Resolve to be your Digestive Guide

Meanwhile, trust that we will continue to keep our pledge to bring you the latest facts.  We will reveal the 2018 developments and new trends in health, research and medical technology for your digestive system.  In 2017, we brought your information about loving your liver, comforting your acid reflux and maintaining a watch over colon cancer.   Look for our updates on equally important digestive issues in the days and months to come.

We will help you face the challenges and untangle the mysteries of your health in our 21st-century world.  And no doubt 2018 will present us with new challenges.  And it will bring wondrous new healthy choices to our lives.

About That New Resolution to Lose Weight

We know that the New Year’s custom of making resolutions is bound to result in a mass of patients who are bent upon losing weight.  We take the opportunity of this affectionate New Year Message to wrap our good wishes in warnings against fad diets and easy diet food choices.

Don’t Sabotage Your Resolutions:  Some Food Warnings

Make new resolutions for healthy choices.

Help your family make healthy choices.

1.    Please avoid the “diet” delicious food section.  At DDC Orlando, we know those fancy diet foods aimed right at you can work against your health.  Some of them actually mask huge amounts of salt, sugars, “artificial ingredients.  They may include disproportionate amounts of carbohydrates to fat and protein…

2.    You have read about the process of digestion in many of our 2017 blogs.  You know that “For most people, weight gain and health issues stem from getting too much sugar”.  This sugar “gets turned into fat after avoiding dietary fat.”

3.    Our liver loving articles have shown how your process of digestion provides a balance of fat and sugar so the bloodstream can absorb it.

4.   When you just take away the fat, what happens to the balance, chemically and molecularly?  Experts explain, “When the fat is taken away, the balance is lost, with negative effects on short- and long-term weight and health.”

Choose The Well Balanced Diet

So, we do not encourage you to just reach for foods labeled “calorie-free,” “fat-free” or “diet.”  We advise you to just enjoy a smaller portion of a well-balanced diet.  To put it plainly, we do not like empty calories. We like nutritional value.  We also do not advise you to embark on a diet without the consultation of your healthcare professional.   Although we know people do it all the time, it is not the best choice.

2018: Leap into Weight Loss Diets with Healthy Foods, not Fads.

Please choose the option of learning about nutrition during 2018.  Digestive Disease Consultants are here to help you discover digestion as a process woven inextricably with your health, well-being and vigorous enjoyment of life.

So when that craving for a “goodie” hits, as it surely will, do not reach for a diet version of a treat.  Instead, reach for a small amount of a real food with nutritional value.  Follow the advice of your Digestive Disease Consultants and we’ll bring you more advice on nutrition, and the joy of good digestion in the coming months.  Happy New Year!

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